About Me!

My name is Rachel Kelly. I am 30 years young and learning to live my life to the fullest!

I am a newlywed as of October 21st, 2011. I love life as a married woman!

I am a new mama! Oliver Philip Kelly was born on November 9, 2012 and is a joy in our daily lives.

I am the sole bread winner of the home. Traded stay-at-home positions with my husband in early 2013.

For work, I’m a pediatric nurse who takes care of medically fragile children in their homes. Its such a rewarding job!

I love my friends, cherish my family, and want to be there to see every big event… from now until I’m 99!

I am the wife of a man who desires to go to bible college and be a pastor. And I support his dream and vision fully.

While our family of three is perfect at the moment, we will cherish another addition (or two) when the time is right. And for us, the “right time” is whenever God says so!

I have always loved helping people. Its engrained into every fiber of my being! There’s something about seeing that look on a persons face when you’ve made a difference in their lives.

I have coached gymnasts and tumblers off and on for the last 11 years, and it makes my heart so incredibly happy when I see them succeed!

I have spent time volunteering with the youth in our communities. Helping teenagers make smart choices and decisions is something I truly love.

I mentor a few young women. I really believe that being a role model for a person can change a life.

I am also a licensed nurse. Helping people care for their bodies and watching as people understand the way their bodies properly function is an awesome thing.

I am all about people. Watching them succeed. Helping where I can.

I love meeting new people, and making friends! Feel free to follow me on Instagram or shoot me an email!

Instagram: @raekaekelly

Email: rachelkellyfitness@gmail.com


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