It’s Friday!

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Its FRIDAY! I’m oddly reminded of that Rebecca Black song Friday right now. Not for any reason in particular. It just popped into my head. The sad part? Now those awful music video images are flashing thru my mind… The YouTube link is above if you dare to join me in my misery. Or joy. Whichever way you want to look at it. You’re welcome.

I love what I do. Do you love what you do? I used to think I’d never find what I was passionate about. I’ve dabbled in coaching gymnastics, health & fitness coaching, the pizza industry, nursing…. I found I love working with other people. I’m terrible at selling. I love caring for others. Don’t misunderstand me. I absolutely LOVE coaching gymnastics, and if someone came up to me today & said “Rachel, I want you to be the head coach for our level 3-7 girls” I’d likely take that job in a heart beat! But I have found that my main, true calling, lies in caring for medically fragile children.

 For those who don’t know, I am a pediatric home care nurse. We all hate to think of kids getting sick, having to be admitted into the hospital, & all that goes along with that. Have you ever thought about the kids who are chronically ill? Those who have feeding tubes, life-long disorders, trachea breathing tubes… things along those lines? They need in-home care. Parents are awesome! They are top of the line providers for their little ones. But even they have their breaking points. {Don’t we all? I hit mine two nights ago when Oliver threw a huge tantrum at 10:30pm because we wouldn’t let him sit in his car seat & press buttons on the DVD player. The screaming was like nails on a virtual chalkboard} As an in-home nurse for my little patients, I’m able to help moms & dads out with caring for their kiddos. I give them their medications, feedings, diaper changes, play with them, assess them, monitor them & love on them a whole lot. I absolutely love my job!

For the last six months, I had been working the overnight shift. But, for the last two weeks, I’ve been working days. Which means that not only do I get more time with my boys, but I actually get to enjoy my Fridays! It’s new. It’s exciting. Last week I napped. Maybe this week I’ll stay awake! 😉

Even though we’re “roughing & toughing” it out right now, battling constant ear woes & all that comes with it with our little mister, he is an absolute JOY! He makes simple chores like flipping couch cushions into an all out adventure. And I cannot wait to see what fun he brings to Joe & I on this Friday evening.

I pray that you have found joy in your Friday. Lots of love coming your way from me until next time!



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