Fall Housekeeping

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Happy Thursday! If you’ve made it this far thru the week, you can make it to the weekend 🙂

Just a few housekeeping things to inform you about!

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you’ll notice that my header & description for the blog are a bit different. I’ll be aiming to be blogging more about everyday life, faith, fitness & anything in between. I decided that having a blog with a 90% focus on health & fitness made me limit what I’d write and post about. I want to be able to share my life with my readers! The good, bad & down right ugly.

I have also changed the web address. You can still access this blog from the ‘healthfitnesslove’ address, but the new one is more family friendly. So welcome to TheKellyLife.com 🙂

As far as health & fitness? Its still a passion of mine. I’m still a fitness coach, but I’m changing the way I do my virtual coaching. I’m taking a step back from hosting fitness challenge groups, and moving towards one-on-one personalized coaching.

With 1-on-1 coaching you’ll receive:

{Personal, one-on-one online mentoring for 30 days}
{Daily email or text check-in’s}
{Fitness consultation to help decide which fitness path is the best for YOU}
{Nutrition guidance & help}
{Encouragement, accountability & motivation}

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then shoot me an email at rachelkellyfitness@gmail.com and we’ll get your consultation started & underway!


Year 1

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{Photo Credit: Foothill Photography}

I cannot believe its already been a whole year since my little boy was born! Look how big he’s gotten?! As a mom, I have come far. When I was pregnant, I had so many fears & doubts. I thought I’d be a terrible mom, that I wouldn’t be able to love my son enough, that I’d do something wrong… but I was so wrong. Joe, Oli & I all figured it out together. And look where we are now!

Here are some 1st year stats:

7lbs 2oz —> 21lbs

19 inches —> 29 inches

Crawled @ 6 months

Walked @ 8 months

Ran @ 9 months

2 teeth

Says “mom-mom” & “dada”, as well as a version of “thank you”

Favorite Foods: Mashed potatoes, bananas, cheerios & whatever anyone else is eating

Least Favorite Foods: Milk, green beans, peas, & zucchini

Favorite Thing To Do: Climb on things, throw things, laugh, & eat

Least Favorite Thing To Do: Lay still for a diaper change

Favorite TV Show: The Notekins {Baby 1st TV} & Jeopardy

He Loves: Sleeping in mom & dad’s bed, drinking from a straw & splashing in the bath

Major Illnesses: Zero! Woo hoo!

Minor Illnesses: 4 ear infections {3 w/antibiotics} & 1 viral infection

Mama’s or Daddy’s Boy: Definitely a daddy’s boy!


{Photo Credit: Foothill Photography}

As for this mama? I’m hanging in there. Its been one doozy of a year! I’ve gone from pregnant lady, to stay at home mom, to sole provider for my family. That’s an incredibly stressful change to go thru. I have to say, if I didn’t have my husband & my family to support me, I don’t know how I would’ve done it. Or still do it! Some days I have to take a day at a time. Lets be real. Even though my precious Oliver has the face of a sweet angel, he can be a holy terror. Can’t all toddlers? Babies? Whatever they are at this stage…

I’m still working hard taking care of medically fragile children in their homes. Its such a rewarding job! And Joe is learning the ins & outs of being a stay at home parent. Its hard work! Finding the balance between everything. But he’s doing a fantastic job, & I’m so incredibly proud of him!

I love my little family.

Thank you Jesus for blessing me so!