Instagram Fitness Challenge

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Ok all you Instagrammers! All you fitness lovers! How about a challenge?! Its a week long challenge with a weekend bonus! Are you ready? You’ll start off with one picture, and end the week posting 3. Use all the hash tags you want, and get them to correspond with your workouts. Be sure to tag me (@raekaekelly) so I can like your posts and give you feedback and encouragement!


#1: Your workout!


#1: Your workout!
#2: A healthy meal or your Shakeology


#1: Your workout! If its a rest day, what are you doing to stay active?
#2: In a second post, take a picture of your biggest weakness/temptations! Accountability is part of being successful 🙂


#1: Your workout! This time, try and get yourself doing a move! If you video tape yourself, you can take a screen shot from that.
#2: Your favorite healthy snack!
#3: Show me a part of your day that doesn’t have to do with working out or food!


#1: Your workout! Give me your best sweaty picture!
#2: What inspires you? Show us!
#3: Your best food shot of the day!


#1: Give me your best weekend warrior picture!

There ya go! Have fun! Don’t forget to be creative and to tag me! 🙂 Go get fit and inspire 🙂



5 Months!

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Can you believe our little mister is 5 months old already?! CRAZY!!!!! Oliver5monthTime has just been flying buy, and he’s growing up so fast. He has mastered rolling in all forms and will be all over the place if you don’t keep your eye on him. He is a very talkative lil fella, especially at 8am when all mama wants to do is sleep. When he wants something, he goes after it. He grabs everything. Puts anything in his mouth… and this is only 5 months? I think we’re in for it as he gets older..

I really do apologize for my lack of posts. I know I have said it before, but this time I mean it! Life has taken some very big and dramatic shifts over here. But, both Joe and I fully and sincerely believe that the hand of God has been upon us and we are exactly where He needs us to be. You are already aware that we have moved, and that was my original excuse for lack of posts — I know… shame on me! Not a valid reason! Within the last 3 weeks, we have had a complete role reversal here in our home. Thru lack of hours and personal issues that arose at Joe’s job, he and I decided it was time for a change. On a whim, I decided to look for nursing positions. We left it up to God and told Him to do what He wanted. Within a week, I had found a full-time nursing position, freeing Joe up to become a stay-at-home dad! Like I said, complete role reversal! Its been a big change, but its going well! We’re all adjusting 🙂 And I LOVE my job. Its perfect for me and just where I need to be!


And look at this NINJA baby over here! I think this is hands down my favorite picture from our 5 month photo shoot! Its like he’s saying “Nothing can stop me!”. Its true. He is determined. I always have to be prepared. For anything… ANYTHING!

What new things am I doing these days?

  • I now keep extra spit-up “rags” (aka: giant receiving blankets) in the car
  • Store age appropriate toys everywhere
  • Have 3 spare outfits on hand. Chances are, I won’t need them. I know, 3 seems excessive. But the day I forget to pack them is the day we’ll have 2 blow outs and a massive spit up that misses the giant receiving blanket because yes… Oliver can aim.
  • Keep a toy on the changing table, and expect him to drop it behind the dresser
  • An empty water bottle is a great source of entertainment
  • When Oli decides to scream in the car (which is often), we roll the windows down a bit. He likes the air flow!

We’re also making the transition from Rock’n’Play to Pack’n’Play/crib. Its a bit on the difficult side, but its going better than expected! Last night, he slept for nearly 4 hours in his pack’n’play! Yay! Go Oli! I dream of the night he sleeps thru and I sleep thru, and I wake up rested… haha right! I live the life of a mom. Dream on! 😉