So Long 2012!

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Time to debrief 2012! I can’t believe its already the end of the year. So lets recap, shall we? Typically, I’ll do a month by month recap, but that just seems boring this year. Remember those MySpace surveys people would fill out and put up on the bulletin? Yeah… we’re going to recap this year with one of those! I feel 10 years younger again already!

How old did you become this year?

29 … the final year in my 20’s. Where did the time go?

Did you host any parties this year?

A baby shower for Oliver

Which was your favorite month?

November — the magical month I stopped being pregnant!

Which was your worst month?

May – August … my Joe was gone

Have you made a new best friend?

I’ve made a few really great new friends!

Have you fallen in love?

Fell in love with my son 🙂

Have you done something you regret?

Nope! No regrets!

Did you not do something you wished you did?

What a strangely worded question… and no. I did not do something I wish I did.

Did you wish for something that came true?

On my birthday, I wished for money. That didn’t happen…

Did a best friend help you out?

Best friends will always help you out.

Did you get in a lot of trouble?

I’m the biggest rule follower in the world. I tend to stay away from trouble if I can help it.

Did a friend hurt you?

Yes. Sadly, I was hurt by a few people I thought were friends. I’ll never understand why people feel the need to ignore and cut you out of their lives if there isn’t a good, acceptable, reason.

Were you in a car accident?


Did a close relative die?

No deaths this year. Planning on keeping that trend going in 2013.

Did you sleep in the same bed as the opposite sex?

Every night! While hubby was away this summer, I had a little man growing inside of me 🙂

Did you get so drunk that you passed out?

Heck no!

Did you wanna say something to someone, but did not because you were too scared?

Sometimes I fear people’s rejection… its been my number one problem with talking to others about fitness coaching and achieving their fitness goals.

Did you cry for no reason?

I was pregnant. So, yes. Ha!

Did you dye your hair?

Sure did!

Did you break any rules?

Only when absolutely necessary.

If you could replay last year again, would you?

No. It was a rough year with the pregnancy. I’m happy to leave it behind and see what the good Lord has in store.

Overall was last year a good year or a bad year?

Good and bad… but only bad because I had to live without my husband for 4 months and I had a horribly rough pregnancy.

Is the New Year…

Going to be better than last year?

As long as I make the most of every day and enjoy every second of this precious life God has given me.

How old are you going to be when its your birthday?

Turning the dirty 30 this year. Heaven help me!

Do you wanna do something different?

Ideally, I’d LOVE to be a stay at home/work at home mom. In order to achieve that, Joe either needs to make more money, or I need to start pushing and be successful as a fitness coach.

You are gonna become a year older, looking forward to it?

I am. It’ll be different being in my 30’s, but I’ll embrace it. Eventually.

Overall, 2012 had some ups and downs. I am blessed to have an amazing family who took care of me while I was pregnant and husband-less. A husband who went all the way to Alaska to provide for his growing family. I learned who my true friends are, and made some new ones along the way. I gave birth to an adorable little boy. I took an opportunity to become physically and financially fit. I wake up every day more in love with my life, and I give thanks to the One who makes all these things — both good and bad — possible. So, 2013, I’m ready for you!