Word-FULL Wednesday: Like Father, Like Son

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Typically on Wednesdays I try and do a “Wordless Wednesday” post. There’s just something so powerful about pictures. But today is a Wednesday that is just full of words! And I just can’t seem to silence them today.

With my due date merely days away, I’ve been thinking about that saying…

“Don’t marry a man unless you want a son just like him”

Can I just say that I am beyond excited to have a son just like Joe? When we first found out we were pregnant, and I set my heart on a little girl, God definitely planted a seed in my mind. That seed made me think about how fun a little Joe would be to have. How cute he would be, all the little quirks he’d have, the physical traits he’d inherit. I’ll admit it, as much as I wanted a girl, I knew that all would be ok with the world if we were to have a boy. So, here is a list of things that I love about my husband and how much I am looking forward to seeing them in my son.

#1 – That mischievous look in his eyes

Joe has this NAILED! I’ll walk into the living room and his back will be turned to me, and he’ll be up to something. I’ll ask what he’s doing and he turns around and gives me that mischievious look and says “… Nothing…”. Most of the time its something harmless, like messing with TV wires, or finding a snack. But the way he looks at me, and the way he says “nothing” is adorable. Now, my husband is an adult, and Oliver will most likely be doing and saying these things while flushing my iPhone down the toilet. They’ll make for great stories in the future, and seeing my husband in my son will melt my heart — eventually, after my frustration subsides.

#2 – Sleeping

I don’t like staring at people when they sleep. I personally think its creepy and weird. But, Joe does the sweetest thing in his sleep — between all the snoring, and trying to roll on top of me, oh, and hogging the bed. He’ll be less than half awake. Even less than less than half awake. He’ll go to switch positions, and he’ll catch a glimpse of me. Then he’ll give a sweet, sleepy smile and snuggle a little closer. Every once in a while he’ll grab my hand and kiss it, or give me a quick peck on the lips. Its completely subconscious, and he never remembers it in the morning, but its such a heart warming thing for me. Plus, it shows me how much he really loves me. On top of these little sleepy things, I absolutely love his sleepy cuddles. When he does this, he’s a little more than half awake. He’ll either roll over to me, or pull me over and just hold me. Now, I know Oli will do lesser versions of these. However, if he’s anything like his dad, he’ll be a big cuddle bug and give me a smile or two in his semi-awake stages.

#3 – Curiosity

Oh my goodness…. I have such a curious husband. I’ll even admit, I’m a curious person myself. I expect nothing less than our son to be extra curious about the world around him. The one thing that I love about Joe’s curiosity is when he discovers something new. He gets all giddy and excited! I cannot wait to watch Oliver be the same way!

#4 – His kind and tender heart

Don’t get me wrong, Joe is a man’s man. He has the rough and tumble engrained into him. However, when it comes to the people he loves, or even those who are in a bind or tough situation, he will give all of himself. For example, he came home from work one day this week and told me he had encountered a homeless man. He told the man he didn’t have money, but asked him if he liked McDonalds. The man responded with a yes, and Joe gave him one of the Monopoly game pieces that had a food item as an instant winner. Joe told him that all he had to do was go up to the cashier, hand the game piece to them and they’d give him the food item. That man was thrilled! Thats the kind of man my husband is. He loves on others, and I think that he’ll teach Oliver to be the same way.

#5 – His eagerness to help

Joe is always willing to lend a helping hand. No matter what. Since being pregnant, he’s constantly asking what he can do for me. If my grandparents need something done around the house, Joe will jump in the car and drive over. If a friend needs help with a task or project, they know they can always depend on Joe. His willingness to help is amazing, but I find that the eagerness associated with the willingness is just the icing on the cake! He takes the bible verse “Do everything without complaining…” (Phil 2:14) to a different level. I can’t wait for the day that little Oliver comes up to me and asks to help. Or just starts helping without being asked. Kids are already have a predisposition to do things like this, but with his daddy as a great example, I can see Oli becoming his father’s version of Philippians 2:14 man.

#6 – His physical statute

In life, nothing should be about looks, body type or build. We are all unique and perfect as we are. But, I love my husbands build and statute. He makes me feel safe just by standing near me. I don’t worry about harm coming to me, because if someone were to try something, heaven help them. He’s powerful, and muscular and a lot stronger than he even realizes. At this point in my pregnancy, I am 99.99% positive that our little man has his daddy’s build. So that means that sometime down the road I’ll have two men to keep me safe and protect me. I am blessed!

#7 – His love for Jesus

I became a Christian when I was 6, for Joe it didn’t happen until he was in his mid-late teenaged years. I grew up going to Christian schools, and in church most years. Joe didn’t. In many ways he’s still new to his faith. Its been amazing and wonderful to watch him grow over the last 3 years. When I first met Joe, he was a little immature and didn’t know much about the bible. He liked attending church for the social aspect and being the social butterfly that he is, it urged him to attend and get involved more and more with different ministries. Today, my Joe has matured in both his personal and spiritual life. His priorities have shifted. Spiritually, he now looks for a sermon that can take him deeper into the bible… he wants to learn the real meat of it all. We pray together daily and he’s learning day by day what it means to be the spiritual head of the household. I can only pray and hope that we raise Oliver to have a love for Jesus. One day, he’ll leave us and marry a wonderful young woman. And I want his love for Jesus to to first and foremost in his life, so he can love her better and better.

#8 – His sense of humor

I never planned on marrying a dull man. Joe is far from dull. He is constantly making me laugh! There is rarely a dull moment here in the Kelly household. I can’t wait to see what kind of sense of humor little Oli has! I’m sure there will be plenty of his dad in mixed in there, which will make me a happy mama 🙂

#9 – His lack of stubbornness

I’ll admit it, I’m the stubborn one in the family. Its a trait that runs deep on my side. Joe has a bit of stubborn to him, but for the most part, he’s easy going. I will love it if Oliver takes after Joe! Between my grandpa, my mom, my grandma and myself, we have enough stubborn in the family to last us a lifetime! Joe is like a breath of fresh air around us. Always willing to go with the flow and take things as they come and as they are. Note to Oliver… be like your dad!

#10 – His overall personality

I know I’ve touched on bits and pieces of Joe’s personality throughout this blog post. But, I know there are tons of aspects that I’m missing. There will be days that I sit around and watch my son and say “Oh, he got that from his father”. These things will be good and bad, and I’m excited to see them all. Joe really is an all around, amazing man. Which leads me to believe that Oliver will be an all around, amazing kid, then teenager, then man. Joe is going to teach him how to be like that, and I am so excited and blessed to be able to watch their father-son relationship. What a special privileged for me!

This isn’t my picture, and I claim no rights, but its just so sweet I had to share. We can just think of this as the “wordless” portion of my Wednesday post 😉


Fage Cherry Pomegranate Yogurt

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When it comes to my food, I am as picky as they come! Hamburgers? Those have to be plain. Salads? Ha! I don’t eat leafy greens. Veggies? Forget about it! Ok, so maybe that last part is a bit of a lie. I do eat some veggies raw. Cooking them changes the flavor and texture. But, needless to say, trying new things is a big deal for me. Its actually a big deal in this household. My husband is the exact same way as I am when it comes to picky-ness.

Before Joe left for work this morning, he had a small request. He wanted to try my fave Shakeology recipe… Butterfinger! He’s tried the chocolate Shakeology flavor in the past and didn’t care for it, so I was a little stunned when he asked for a chocolate shake this morning over his normal strawberry one. I made it for him and he loved it! I decided that if he was going to branch out this morning, so would I.

I am a big fan of cherry yogurts. All the other flavors are ok, but cherry by far takes the cake. I just hopped on the greek yogurt band wagon over the summer, and have fallen in love with the Dannon Oikos and Chobani brands. And then I saw the commercials for Fage. I’ve always been nervous to try this one out. You see, a couple years ago I had a good friend start to eat Fage. She raved about it. Her husband, on the other hand, warned me to stay far away. The way he talked about it made me never want to try greek yogurt. Ever. I obviously got over it, and eventually tried it. While at the store the other night, I noticed that all brands of greek yogurt were the same price — $1.18. So I decided to be bold and grabbed two Fage and two Yoplait. Both different flavors. If I’m going to try one brand, I may as well try them all.

This morning I had a Fage Non-fat Cherry Pomegranate yogurt. As soon as I opened the cute little carton, I fell in love with the smell of the fruit blend. I quickly emptied the contents of the little side-car and mixed it together, and discovered that Fage makes good greek yogurt. The texture is creamy and thick, and the fruit blend gave it some sweetness and an awesome flavor. My only disappointment was when I discovered that I hadn’t fully mixed the yogurt and had some plain left on the bottom… with no more fruit to mix it with. Plain, its a bit tart. But if thats how you like it, then you’ve hit the jackpot!

Nutritionally, its 130 calories. No fat and 13g of protein. I’m not too crazy about the 16g of sugar, but it is what is it, and they don’t use artificial sweeteners. As long as you’re not pairing this with a sugar laden coffee drink, or a donut, I think its acceptable.

Fage has risen in the ranks, and is now in my top 2 of fave greek yogurts! Sorry Chobani, you need to step up your game.

I’d definitely buy this again!