Introducing Mouthwatering Mondays!

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Welcome to Mouthwatering Mondays! Each week I’ll be bringing you a new recipe to try! These recipes are healthy and nutritious. I encourage each of you to try the recipe and let me know how you like it!

Since today is Memorial Day, I thought I’d give a recipe with a BBQ feel to it 🙂

Caribbean Dinner

3 to 4 oz chicken breast

1 Tbsp Jamaican jerk sauce

1/2 bell pepper; seeded and cut into strips

1/2 sweet potato; cut into 1/4-inch thick discs


Marinate chicken in jerk sauce. Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours before grilling.

To grill: Wrap chicken in aluminum foil and grill on BBQ. Grill pepper and sweet potato uncovered.

Serve with chopped salad and enjoy! 🙂


16 Weeks!

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16 down… 24 to go! Its really weird to me that in 4 weeks I’ll be halfway done with my pregnancy, and in 8 weeks we’ll hit the age of viability mark if the baby were to come early. Did you know that babies have a 50% survival rate if born at 24-25 weeks? And a 90% chance if born at 26-27 weeks? It amazes me how creating a human works. For those who believe that we’re all on this earth by chance? Think again. Nothing this intricate could ever have been an accident. We are God’s perfect creation. We may not be perfect creatures, but this space He has made for us is.

Whats going on with baby this week? The heartbeat clocked in at a strong 155 at our appointment yesterday. He/she’s the size of an avocado! Whats super funny to me is that a website states that “she’s big enough so the doctor might hear her heartbeat”. Haha, really?! We heard the heartbeat 8 weeks ago at the ultrasound, and 4 weeks ago on the doppler. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone not hearing the heartbeat until this late in the pregnancy. I know if I hadn’t heard it yet, I’d have demanded multiple ultrasounds to see inside. Speaking of hearing things, baby can now hear my voice! He/she’s growing hair, lashes and eyebrows. I wonder if baby will take after me — fine, blonde hair, with not a whole lot on my body, or if it’ll take after Joe — thicker, dark hair and a very hairy body? We’ll find out in 24ish weeks! Also, baby is forming taste buds! My goal is to make sure this kid isn’t picky like Joe and I are.

And whats going on with mom this week? Oh well… a lot. My hyperemesis isn’t resolving still, so we’re adding on another medication. I am happy to report that I have gained 3lbs though… yay! I have even moved into the big leagues, maternity clothes. Its nice to wear shirts that don’t look 2 sizes to small. I’m still getting 3-4 migraines a week, as well as heavy bloody noses just as often. My blood pressure at my check-up was 100/78 so I’m not concerned about it anymore! I am however being referred to a specialist to check me out for my migraines and make sure everything is ok. Migraines have always been cyclical for me, so considering there are tons of hormones running thru my system right now, I’m not concerned. I am also being referred to another specialist to check out my heart. Its been having some funny rhythms lately, and my OB just wants to make sure everything checks out ok. I’m not concerned. I’m thinking my body just isn’t adjusting well to being pregnant, and all these little things are over exaggerated pregnancy symptoms. I’m keeping my attitude positive about these things 🙂 Because of everything thats happening with me, my doctor has pulled me out of work for the time being. I plan on using this time to rest up and relax, and hopefully get these things resolved!

My wonderful husband has made it up to Alaska! They’re keeping him busy so far which is perfect for him! He says its beautiful up there, and he loves to tell me about his bald eagle sitings. If he ever takes any pictures, I’ll share them. So, Joe… get on that!!!

Prego Tip of the Week

Write things down! I’m finding I’m forgetting things all the time! Just yesterday I was walking to my car and I told myself “Ok, Rachel, you can’t forget to tell the doctor about _____”. By the time I was down the street, I had already forgotten. I now carry a pad and pen with me where ever I go.

Exercise of the Week

My back and hips have been killing me lately! Being up on my feet for longer than an hour just destroys the lower half of my body. I purchased a prenatal yoga video called ‘Yoga Booty Ballet: Baby On The Way’. Its awesome! If you’re interested in purchasing a copy for yourself, you can click:

here > then go to Shop > Fitness Program > Yoga Booty Ballet > scroll down and you’ll find it! Only $20. Not too shabby.

But for now, here’s a video for a little yoga to help with that pesky back pain 🙂

15 Weeks!

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15 weeks down… 25 to go! Its so strange to me that I’ve already completed 15 weeks. All I have to show for it is a pudgy belly, and the girls are trying to compete with it. I keep telling them not to worry, its ok… they’re still winning by far. But they’re stubborn, and still like to compete.

This week baby is the size of an orange! Thats pretty large. And apparently its proportions are becoming normal — its legs our out measuring its arms! Yay! While I can’t feel it yet, baby is squirming up a storm in my belly! Our little soccer player or gymnast is preparing itself for a life of physical activity! Even all its joints can move now! It probably likes to dance around to all the awesome music we listen to. Which lately has been a lot of N*Sync and Backstreet Boys… it saddens me that this child will grow up in a world that doesn’t know or remember their music. And finally, the baby can hiccup. While its a cool, new, exciting thing for it to learn and do now, I just feel for the poor dear when in a few years it gets those awful hiccup attacks that just don’t go away.

A separate site has our baby listed as the size of one finger of a KitKat bar! How deliciously scrumptious of them. Now I want a KitKat. It reminds me of what my husband said a while ago…. “Right now our baby is fun sized! Soon it’ll be regular size, then eventually king sized!” Leave it to him to compare our developing, and growing baby to candy bars. Well, it seems as though we have made it to the “regular size” stage!

Whats going on with this momma-to-be this week? Well, massive nosebleeds, and horrid headaches. Its been a fun couple of weeks for me. Last night I had such a bad nosebleed that the blood got everywhere… even my hair! I did manage to not get any on my clothes. It was a proud moment for me. I woke up with another one this morning. The one this morning was much lighter and nicer to deal with. Before anyone starts panicking, I’m aware that nosebleeds and headaches can be a sign of high blood pressure. They’re also normal signs of pregnancy. I am monitoring my blood pressure daily. This morning I was at 119/78. Not too much higher than my normal, and still well within the normal range 🙂

I’m supposed to have more energy… and I suppose I do. However I still find myself drained very quickly. My nausea is still hanging around. I wish it would go away… one of these days it will. No cravings still. But I’ve finally made it back up to my pre-pregnancy weight. I enjoyed the weight loss while it lasted, but its time to gain weight and make my doctor happy I suppose. Strangely enough, both Joe and I have noticed that my face seems to be “sinking in” and thinning out a bit, as well as my upper abdomen. I’ve never been a huge fan of my chubby cheeks, so I’m embracing this change while I can! I know it won’t stay 😦

This is the last week I’ll be spending with my Joe before he leaves for his Alaskan adventure this summer. To keep him in the loop of how baby is growing and developing, I’ll be posting weekly pregnancy updates instead of every other week. Yay! I’ll also be aiming to post a new non-pregnancy related post every other week as well. So lots of goodness to come for a while!

Until next time… stay cool, drink lots of water and do some sort of exercise! I’ll be moving in with family this weekend, and there is a walking trail nearby, so I’ll be aiming to walk on that a few times a week this summer. Love being active 🙂