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I found this today while browsing thru Pinterest. How could I not post it? Its like the perfect picture for my blog 🙂

Happy Tuesday! From what I hear, its national pancake day. How are you going to celebrate? Those awesome Tone It Up girls have a great, and a little different, protein pancake recipe!

Don’t those sound yummy? Of course, something I’ve wanted to try for the last few months is Chocolate Shakeology Pancakes! One day I will… maybe even today! Here’s a recipe!

1 scoop of chocolate Shakeology
Fiber One pancake mix or pancake mix of your choice
1 scoop protein powder (optional)
Water (follow amount on box & add a little extra for Shakeology/ protein)

Mix thoroughly and make as directed + drizzle with agave syrup

Yum! Chocolate and strawberries! Great taste combination 🙂

However you celebrate National Pancake Day, do it healthily!


Ease Into Working Out

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If you’re looking for a workout to do today, or sometime this week, try this one! This is a great video for those who haven’t worked out in a while! Perfect to ease back into things. Its about 30 minutes long. The trainer in the video is Tony Horton. He’s the guy that is the P90x rock star! He has tons of other workout programs as well. To quote my husband… “That guy never gets tired!”

If you’re starting a fitness regimen, don’t over do it! Thats one way to burn yourself out. Start slow… maybe workout 3 days a week. After a couple weeks, increase to 4, then 5, then 6! You may be super eager to just get in there and get going… everyday. Thats how I am. If you can’t stick with a few days a week to start off with, try alternating a heavy workout day and a light one. For example, my heavy workout would be a TurboFire video, and a light workout could be a walk around the block with my husband.

The most important thing to remember when working out is simple… have fun! Its so much better when you’re having fun 🙂

Struggles and Successes

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I love this quote.

So many times I see people bail on others when they’re in a time of need. Only to come back around once everything has settled. Whats up with that? I mean, seriously, what kind of person does that make you? Real, honest, friendships and relationships are there thru the struggles and they celebrate the successes. Have you ever experienced a relationship like this?

I have. Without getting into too many details, I had a friend who only was around in the “fun” times. When times got hard, she was no where to be found. Calls and texts would be ignored. Visits would be avoided. But once I was over the particular struggle I was facing, she was ready to get back at it and party! I let that happen for years, and it always made me feel like I was the one to blame. It took a big slap from God to snap me out of it. And even then, I struggled with blame and guilt for months afterwards.

The first time I read this quote, it hit home… hard. I realized I’d been seeing this happening in my life for as long as I could remember. I tend to let my love for people overshadow my capability to see clearly. Sometimes, you just need to have grace… on yourself. Love on others, but, if they abandon you in a time of need, be twice weary of allowing them to regain your full trust. Always forgive, but remember that forgiveness does not mean you have to turn a blind eye. Above all, guard your heart. Its the wellspring of your life!

If you’re struggling with something, reach out to someone who will support you, love on you, care for you and pray for you — all on a daily basis.